TX Mold provides innovative, high performance solutions with world class capabilities for an array of industries including medical, electronics, consumer packaging, automotive, and industrial. Our unique approach to problem solving enables us to apply manufacturing processes to varied market challenges and service new challenges in every application.

Value-Add Services:

Design for manufacture: Our internal team of designers and engineers are committed to ensuring a high-quality mold that easily integrates into production. We utilize Moldex 3D, standardized processes, and innovative approaches to reverse engineering, ensuring we’ve considered every angle.

In-house design and engineering:

We support our projects from the DFM phase through completion by working with the entire TX team to overcome any challenges, and constantly seeking opportunities for improvement that arise during manufacturing.


We have a professional molding center equipped with an injection molding machine from 90 to 2,800 tons. We utilize our Technology Center to qualify your injection mold system by developing a robust production process that ultimately ensures you’ll be able to run satisfactory parts when your mold arrives at your facility.

The TX Promise:
Your Challenge is Unique...So is Our Solution.

We understand your challenge is unique within every new project. We take the time to understand your obstacles and work with you to provide a customized solution that will exceed your expectations.

Industries we proudly serve

Confidence comes from experience & innovation

In automotive industry, TX Group has been working with world-famous customers such as OEM tier 2 and tier 3 more than 20 years. The parts & mould we worked ranges from HVAC, CPM, engine, speaker grill, door, brake, lighting, to chair, tow hook cover and other external & internal parts. With such a rich accumulated experience & innovation, we’re happy to accept any kind of challenges. Welcomes to develop your new projects or just share your creative ideas together with our specialists.

Supporting Your Needs:

· Complete component interchangeability and dimensional accuracy
· 100% laser engraving for consistent project identification
· State-of-the-art hot runner technology through our strategic partners

Satisfying Quality & Service Comes From Through Understanding Of Customer Mold & Fixture Building Standards

In the cooperation with world-famous automotive customers, we learned much about CMM holding fixtures, checking fixtures as well as attribute gage. Especially, we’re quite familiar with GM fixture standards. Just to be honest with you, until now we don’t build fixtures by ourselves and outsource it to qualified suppliers. But, we plan to gain the fixture design & building capability within 2 years ( latest earlier 2015 ). Our customers speak highly of us cause we have a through understanding of their mold & fixture building standards. With such a understanding, we supply them with excellent quality & service which are specially and flexibly adjusted according to their standards. gage R & R report, third party certification of the fixture are available from us.

Confidence comes from experience & innovation

Consumer and Industrial markets cover a wide array of products, ranging from personal care to sports equipment to gears, pumps, sealing devices, electrical housings, and other vital parts for industrial applications. Although these products are incredibly diverse, they all rely on the same thing – injection molded precision and complex plastic parts. We’re happy to accept any kind of challenges. Welcomes to develop your new projects or just share your creative ideas together with our specialists.

Supporting Your Needs:

·Complete component interchangeability and dimensional accuracy
·100% laser engraving for consistent project identification
·State-of-the-art hot runner technology through our strategic partners


A major manufacturer of electronic test equipment and measurement instruments for electrical power applications was experiencing structural failures in the field on their high voltage clamping device.


After researching material solutions, a Verton™ structural compound was selected with long glass fiber content. This material is a nylon resin with 35% long glass fiber content that delivers a balance between cost and performance in structural applications. It offers exceptional mechanical performance, combining rigidity with outstanding strength and resistance to impact failure.

Product application:

Pharmaceutical Packaging
Personal Care
Food & Beverage
Household Chemicals

Supporting Your Needs:

If you want quality parts, you need quality molds.
Every mold is constructed using the best materials available to insure each mold will produce your parts to exact tolerances and continue to do so for millions of cycles.
Your molds are constructed by top machinists in the industry using the most accurate and reliable CNC milling machines for grinding, turning and contouring, plus a full-range of support equipment for center-less grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface & profile grinding, and numerous manual milling machines insures consistent high quality and fast turn-around times for your project.

Case Study:

2 Piece Piston Project
Project: Piston Base
Cavity: 24
Material: PBT
Steel: ASSAB S136, 7# Mold Base. 24 Drop Mold Master Hot Runner System with Valve Gate, Special design for customer easy in press maintenance.

The complexity of Medical and Dental devices is rapidly changing. Medical equipment is complex in geometry and function which is always a challenge in injection molding. Product performance is often dependent on the characteristics of the plastic material that is required for the part. These engineered thermoplastics have enhanced properties such as strength, flexibility, transparency, temperature and chemical resistance.

Product application:

·Medical Devices (Drug Delivery & Surgical) ·Optical · Medical Consumables · Drug & Fluid Transfer Devices

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TX group is a professional plastic injection mould designer and manufacturer. We have been building molds for automotive, electronic, home appliance and medical industry for 20+ years, so, you can completely rely us for technical support.



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